About tipstim®

Advantages, Application, Effectiveness

What is tipstim® about?

tipstim® is a completely new product to improve sensorimotor abilities of the hand in rehabilitation after brain damage, such as stroke, craniocerebral trauma but even other rare neurological diseases as e.g. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS Type 1). tipstim® was developed in collaboration with the the Institute of Neuroinformatics (Neural Plasticity Lab) at the well-known Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany. tipstim® consists of a pulse generator and a hi-tech therapy glove (tipstim® glove).

tipstim® is a clinically tested and approved product according to the European Medical Device Directive (MDD). The efficacy and safety of tipstim® therapy has been proven in rigorous clinical trials. None of the study participants showed significant events or side effects.

tipstim® benefits at a glance

Therapy success

Substantial improvement in sense of touch and mobility of the hand

Clinically tested

Effectiveness proven by clinical studies

Non-drug treatment

Completely pain-free therapy without side-effects

Easy to apply

Very simple integration into everyday life


tipstim Anwendung

The therapy itself is completely painless, without side-effects and very easy to apply. You simply pull over the tipstim® glove, connect it to the pulse generator and start the therapy session once a day for 1 hour. The therapy does not demand any special attention. Due to the small size of the pulse generator, the therapy can easily be integrated into everyday life and home care – even when being limited in mobility. In principle, therapy can be applied everywhere, even during walking and during other occupations such as reading or watching television.

How does tipstim® act like?


The tipstim® pulse generator sends special electrical signals to the glove (tipstim® glove).


These pulses are transmitted to the fingertips via completely new textile electrodes which are woven into tipstim® glove.


From there, the impulses are carried via nerve pathways directly into brain areas, which are responsible for the sense of touch and the movement of the hand.


The direct stimulation of these brain areas ensures a reactivation. Moreover, balancing processes in adjacent non-affected brain areas are promoted.


The result is usually a substantially improved sense of touch as well as an improved mobility of the concerned hand.

Has tipstim® been successfully tested?

Yes! In a randomised and controlled clinical study (RCT), the efficacy of tipstim® was proven in many stroke patients. Two groups were compared: group 1 carried out a classic rehabilitation therapy solely, whereas group 2 carried out a tip-stimulation in addition to standard rehabilitation measures. After just 2 weeks patients in group 2 (extra tip-stimulation) showed significant improvements in comparison to group 1.

improvement sensory functions

standard rehabilitation alone 7%

standard rehabilitation + tip-stimulation 33%

improvement motor functions

standard rehabilitation alone 17%

standard rehabilitation + tip-stimulation 27%

Moreover, a first pilot study showed significant improvement in sense of touch in patients suffering the consequences of a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS Type 1). Some of these patients even reported a pain reduction after just 5 days (60 minutes each) of stimulation.

Where can I get tipstim®?

tipstim® is a brand new medical product which might not yet be available from a local dealer in your country.

BOSANA Medizintechnik GmbH
Kappusstiege 13
46282 Dorsten

Phone: +49 (0) 2362 999620
Fax: +49 (0) 2362 9996222
E-Mail: sales@bosana.de

tipstim®-set consists of:

  • tipstim® pulse generator
  • Hi-Tech glove tipstim® glove*
  • Connecting cable
  • 4 x 1,5 V AA alkaline battery
  • Instruction manual
  • Transport and storage box

* tipstim® glove is designed for single patient use only and its durability is limited to 100 applications of 60 minutes each (approx. 3 months). tipstim® glove has to be changed for a new one afterwards.